Photo taken by me in Thailand last year.
(AKA, Summer of Angst)

I'm not a downer of a person at all, quite the contrary, but for some reason this is a collection of the more angst-ridden side of summer.

They are tagged as MP3's as the same album enitiled "Cloudy Summer", so play by track listing and you'll get the order intended.

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01. Violent Femmes - Never Tell
(This is the song that made me steer this mix this direction)

02. Dinosaur Jr. - Feel the Pain
(I just now saw that Michael linked to a download of this song on Yewknee but I think it's a different version.)

03. Neds Atomic Dustbin - Happy

04. Motion City Soundtrack - When You're Around
(Just try to get this song out of your head)

05. Jodie Fosters Army - Walk Don't Run

06. New Order - All Day Long
(One of the best songs ever written about child abuse)

07. Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark - Joan of Arc

08. Poor Old Lu - Revolve

09. 7 Seconds - Man Enough to Care

10. Jesus and Mary Chain - Happy When it Rains
(Why don't they make band like J&MC anymore)

11. Neil Diamond - I Am I Said

12. Bauhaus - Bella Lugosi's Dead
(see #1)

13. Agent Orange - I Kill Spies

14. Travis - She's so Strange

15. The Violet Burning - Feel
(Listen till the end, well worth the build up and crash back down. Way, way underrated band)